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Offshore Wind
Offshore Wind energy development entails the planning, permitting, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of offshore wind turbines and other associated infrastructure for the purpose of generating and delivering clean, renewable electricity to businesses and households onshore.
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The planning and development phase of an offshore wind farm covers activities that precede construction, including site characterization, research, engineering, marketing, stakeholder engagement, and permitting.

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The construction and installation phase of offshore wind development entails all work associated with pre-assembly, installation, and commissioning for an offshore wind farm, with a large role for skilled trades, organized labor, engineers, project managers, and individuals with maritime and water transportation expertise.

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The operations and maintenance (O&M) phase for an offshore wind farm covers the regular inspection of turbines, foundations, cables, and other all components of the wind farm, and the process of making necessary repairs or replacements. Offshore wind service technicians, water transportation workers, and engineers, among others, fill key roles during the O&M phase.