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Green Chemistry, Ph.D

UMass Boston
Boston, MA

The Green Chemistry Track in the Chemistry PhD Program is the first such program in the world. Students obtaining a degree from this program will be prepared for conventional chemistry jobs in industry, government, and academia. In addition to traditional training in the chemical sciences, required and elective courses in the Biology and Environmental, Earth, and Ocean Sciences (EEOS) Departments provide graduates with the tools and experience to assess human impact on health and the environment. [Read More]

IGERT Offshore Wind Energy Program (Grant-funded Program)

UMass Amherst - Wind Energy Center
Amherst, MA

The overarching goal of this IGERT is to educate a new generation of researchers able to integrate engineering, environmental science, and social science to better position the U.S. in global competitiveness in wind energy. Specifically the overall program goals are to: [Read More]

Graduate Consortium on Energy and Environment

Harvard University Center for the Environment
Cambridge, MA

The Harvard Graduate Consortium on Energy and Environment will foster a new community of doctoral students who will be well versed in the broad, interconnected issues of energy and environment while maintaining their focus in their primary discipline. Through debate and dialogue in coursework and seminars, students will be able to identify the obstacles, highlight the opportunities, and define the discussion of an energy strategy for the 21st century and beyond. [Read More]

Environmental Policy and Planning – Doctoral Program

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA

The doctoral program is designed for people interested in advanced academic research. The program is tailored to the needs of individual students, with a program of study developed jointly by the student and the student’s advisor, under guidelines and course requirements set by the Department’s Ph.D. committee. A standard program involves four semesters of classes and an additional two to four semesters to complete doctoral exams and to prepare and defend the dissertation. [Read More]

PhD in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Tufts University
Medford, MA

Within this doctoral program, research focuses on environmental science, as well as engineering and management aspects of water resources. Faculty conduct research in and teach classes on: environmental/water quality engineering; environmental hydrology and hydraulics; data analysis; environmental field measurements; land-use planning; geomorphology; hydrogeology; systems engineering; environmental economics; and water resources management. [Read More]

Doctoral Degree Programs in Energy Engineering

UMass Lowell
Lowell, MA

The objective of UMass Lowell’s doctoral program in energy engineering is to prepare engineers for leadership positions in industry, academia, and government to provide society with sustainable energy systems. Presently there are two areas of concentration: renewable (solar) and nuclear. [Read More]

Natural Resources PhD Program

University of Vermont
Burlington, VT

The University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Natural Resources. The Rubenstein School is a multi-disciplinary academic unit that strives to integrate disparate disciplines to create knowledge and develop solutions to a broad array of environmental issues. Faculty expertise includes forestry, wildlife biology, recreation management, environmental philosophy, sociology, policy, planning, economics, conflict resolution, and environmental sciences. In addition, interdisciplinary fields like conservation biology, ecological economics, and ecological design find their home in The Rubenstein School. Doctoral students can earn Certificates in Ecological Economics or Ecological Design as part of their Ph.D. program. [Read More]

Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Massachusetts YouthBuild Coalition and Training Resources of America, Inc.
Worcester, MA

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers advanced degrees within the broadly defined areas of Environmental Science and Engineering (which includes Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Coastal Engineering, Environmental Microbiology, and Hydrology and Hydroclimatology), Geotechnical Engineering and Geomechanics, Mechanics of Materials and Structures, and Transportation. The depth and breadth of coursework and research required differ for each degree program. [Read More]

Energy Science and Engineering Concentration in Mechanical Engineering PhD

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA

The Energy Science and Engineering area seeks to focus on technologies for efficient energy conversion and utilization, which aim to meet the urgent challenge of a safe, sustainable energy supply in the face of growing demand and increasing geo-political uncertainty. [Read More]

Chemical Engineering, PhD Concentration: Environmental Engineering and Energy Research Concentrations

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA

The graduate program in the Department of Chemical Engineering at WPI is of extraordinary quality and is designed to balance depth and breadth. The department has 30 full-time graduate students, two-thirds of whom are pursuing their Ph.D., and a large number of full-time research faculty and staff. The focus of the graduate program is on cutting-edge research (depth) to help you prepare for rewarding careers in industry or in academia. [Read More]