Technology, Entrepreneurship

Babson College


The Technology, Entrepreneurship concentration offers students a cross-disciplinary, experiential opportunity to explore innovation in products and organizations from a number of different vantage points. The concentration also offers the opportunity to work closely with students from engineering and design schools.

To fulfill the requirements of the concentration, students take four courses in the following pattern: First, students must take one core course in technological entrepreneurship (either EPS3503 New Technology Ventures or EPS3501 Entrepreneurship and Opportunity, but not both). Second, students must take one core course that introduces them to customer-focused design thinking (either User-oriented Collaborative Design at Olin College or EPS4527 Social Entrepreneurship by Design). Finally, students select two courses from a list of courses that comprise various aspects of innovation, technology, and design. The list encompasses courses from Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Operations, Law, Economics, and Engineering.


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  • Department: Entrepreneurship and Technology, Operations, and Information Management Divisions
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