Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance

Bristol Community College


This 2 day, 4-hour (8 am – 10 am) Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance course will provide an offshore wind-specific introduction to those trained in managing large infrastructure assets in other sectors and, those looking to orient their careers to this aspect of the offshore wind industry. Given the retirement of traditional forms of power generation technology in the Commonwealth, this is particularly apt. The reorientation of core, asset management skills into offshore wind represents a huge opportunity for both the individuals and the sector, as does attracting new talent into the O&M space. 

The course will draw upon Bristol Community College’s experience delivering its established, credit program in offshore wind operation and maintenance. In addition, the course will draw upon the instructor’s experience as an experienced asset management practitioner in the wind sector. The course will explore the key components of an offshore wind farm – surface and sub-sea - that require attention over the asset’s life, highlighting typical degradation mechanisms at play. This ties in nicely with the emergence of a plethora of technologies to improve the accuracy of asset inspections. 

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