Merchant Mariner Licensure Training

Northeast Maritime Institute


This program, funded by the MassCEC 2020 Offshore Wind Workforce Training and Development Program, will provide formal training to fishermen to obtain their Merchant Mariner Credentials. Participants selected by the GFWDP* will obtain their training and licenses through the Northeast Maritime Institute (NMI).

Each participant will be taking courses to obtain their Able Seaman certificate and 100-Ton Master’s License to work on vessels requiring Merchant Mariner Credentials. The online courses are self-paced but final assessments and in-person coursework will be scheduled.

The following courses will be completed:

  • Able Seafarer Deck
  • Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboatman)
  • Basic Training
  • Basic Firefighting
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV)
  • Upgrade OUPV to Master 100 Ton
  • FCC Marine Radio Operators Permit

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Additional Details

*This program is run in partnership with the Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Development Program (GFWDP).