Mechanical Engineering – Energy

UMass Dartmouth


Umass Dartmouth’s bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in energy is intended for students who want to focus their mechanical engineering studies on energy production and utilization.

The energy concentration is designed to allow students to deeply explore how energy is produced and utilized. The efficient production and use of energy plays a vital role in our future as we strive to increase global equity and decrease environmental harm. Energy enables wealth generation and thereby powers economic prosperity, but choices about how energy is produced can have large environmental consequences.

This academic program includes courses on the basic sciences at the core of energy production, such as advanced fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, and also courses focused on the design and analysis of a wide variety of energy generation technologies including wind, solar, steam and tidal power

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  • Institution Name: UMass Dartmouth
  • Department: Mechanical Engineering
  • Address: 285 Old Westport Rd., Dartmouth, MA 02747
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  • Name: Wenzhen Huang, PhD
  • Title: Professor
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  • Phone: 508-910-6568