Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Program

UMass Amherst


UMass Amherst’s MIE Department offers undergraduate degree programs that lead to the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. The educational objectives of the degree program curricula are to develop mechanical and industrial engineers who

  1. Think critically, creatively and rigorously and employ engineering methods to identify and solve important problems in industry, business, government and academe.
  2. Communicate effectively and function cooperatively in professional contexts.
  3. Approach professional practice responsibly and ethically and with an awareness of business, environmental, safety, cultural, societal and global concerns.
  4. Demonstrate professional leadership.
  5. Employ their engineering education as a foundation for advanced study, lifelong learning and career development in engineering, management and other professional fields.

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Additional Details

Includes focus on renewable energy and environmental issues


  • Institution Name: UMass Amherst
  • Department: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Address: 181 Presidents Drive, Amherst, MA 01003
  • Website: