Measuring Duct Leakage

Cape and Islands Self-Reliance Corporation


In 2010 the Massachusetts Energy Code Options became: 780 CMR, Chapter 61 (Amended 7th Edition) equals the 2009 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) or 780 CMR, Appendix 120 AA (known as the “Stretch Code”) – a more energy efficient alternative to the base energy code that municipalities may volunteer to adopt. Both options mean that duct leakage must be tested. If you test the system during installation, you can catch problems before they are too hard to get to. Why not learn to do it yourself?

Cape and Islands Self Reliance and Heyoka Solutions is offering a one-day training for duct system testing at Cape & Islands Self Reliance’s training center in Cataumet, MA.


  • What equipment is necessary to do the testing?
  • How to set it up to get an accurate Total Duct Leakage measurement;
  • How to set it up to get an accurate Leakage to Outdoors measurement;
  • How to use a duct testing system;
  • How to use a blower door system;
  • How to interpret the manometer readings;
  • How to find the leaks.

A third party professional will need to provide the final testing.

This training has been developed for building officials, contractors and HVAC professionals.

The course also qualifies for BPI Continuing Education Units.