Master of Science in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Tufts University


The three core courses required as part of this program are designed to provide students with the foundation necessary to integrate knowledge of the processes controlling the quantity and quality of water within the planning, design, and management of complex environmental and water resource systems.

Students admitted to the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering program are expected to have completed the following courses in natural sciences (biology, chemistry, and/or physics), mathematics (calculus through differential equations), and engineering science (fluids and probability and statistics). Students lacking one or more of these undergraduate preparations may be admitted on the condition that they complete the necessary coursework during their first year at Tufts. Credits resulting from the successful completion (i.e., a grade of B or better) of conditional coursework are required to obtain a degree but may not be used to satisfy graduate course requirements within the degree program.


  • Institution Name: Tufts University
  • Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Address: 419 Boston Avenue, Medford, MA 02155
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  • Name: Kurt Pennell
  • Title: Department Chair
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  • Phone: 617-627-3211