Blue Hills Regional Technical High School


The HVAC/R program helps students develop skills in a broad spectrum of service, installation, and maintenance on all types of residential, commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment. Students are prepared for a variety of careers.

Among the topics covered in the four-year curriculum are hand tools, specialized trade tools, and the manual skills involved in flaring, swaging, and bending copper tubing; the identification and use of brass, copper, steel, plastic, PVC and CPVC and other piping materials; soldering, brazing, and oxyacetylene welding and cutting; basic electrical components; high voltage circuits; electrical wiring diagrams and system mechanical operation; and the designing of HVAC/R systems through the use of software programs.


  • Institution Name: Blue Hills Regional Technical High School
  • Address: 800 Randolph Street, Canton, MA 02021
  • Website: https://www.bluehills.org/