Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School


This program of study includes a series of courses for grades 9-12. The courses examines advanced heating/cooling system design, computerized heat load/gain estimation, blueprint reading, and job estimating. Students examine air flow, air system design, and psychometrics as applied to air conditioning systems. Specific instruction will be offered to students seeking training in a specialized HVAC/R field.

Students are required to complete one or more HVAC/R term projects. The subject of these projects will concur with lab or Co-op related projects. Research, which includes reading, writing, and math assignments related to the HVAC/R professions, is integrated with academic frameworks during this class. Seniors on co-op will have an adjusted related grade based on their co-op experience. This class supports all lab/shop projects performed during senior year in HVAC/R program. The material is presented utilizing various methods including lectures, hands-on, term projects and select audio visual resources. Safety instructions are addressed in all units presented.