Bay Path Regional Technical High School


Freshmen will practice safe work procedures. They will use a variety of hand tools. They will solder, braze and learn to install ACR pipe. The students will practice safe wiring and learn to wire several circuits. The Freshmen will become familiar with good safety practices. They will identify and learn the use of hand tools. They will know the use of specialized tools and electrical test meters. The students will be able to identify types and sizes of refrigeration tubing and fittings. They will learn the basic refrigeration cycle and components. The students will learn electrical theory, concepts of matter, and heat transfer.

The Sophomores will test refrigerator parts, build and wire a working refrigerator, and practice sealed system repair procedures. They will also diagnose and repair room air conditioners and car air conditioners. Refrigerant recovery and electrical troubleshooting are emphasized. The Sophomores will learn basic refrigeration. They will understand the controls, construction, and operating principles for domestic refrigerators, freezers, and room air conditioners. The students will learn the operation and individual components of split phase, permanent split capacitor, multiple speed, and shaded-pole motors. The students will be made familiar with various refrigerants and procedures for evacuation and recharging refrigeration systems.

The Juniors will practice safe procedures in commercial refrigeration service and central air conditioning service. They will install commercial condensing units and evaporators, and install and adjust pressure sensing and expansion devices. They will perform troubleshooting procedures on central air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Juniors will study commercial refrigeration and the related controls. They will learn central air conditioning and heat pump installation, service procedures and sizing. They will prepare for and take the EPA 608 federal certification exams. They will study low voltage controls and read schematic wiring diagrams.

Seniors will practice safe procedures in diagnosing, installing, and repairing oil and gas heating systems. They will pipe an oil tank and install a forced hot water system. They will install oil burners and calculate their efficiency. They will practice wiring controls and troubleshooting. Seniors will study for the Massachusetts Oil Burner Service License. They will practice determining heat loads. They will practice sizing and estimating the cost of heating systems. They will learn how to wire an oil burner system.


  • Institution Name: Bay Path Regional Technical High School
  • Address: 57 Old Muggett Hill Road, Charlton, MA 01507
  • Website: http://www.baypath.net/
  • Notes:

    Energy House: In October 2010, Bay Path held the ground breaking ceremony for the Clean Energy display center on October 8. This energy display will showcase renewable energy resources, according to Superintendent David Papagni. Students have and will continue to perform most of the construction work with  funding coming from an energy grant. Once completed, the school will have the option to install solar panels, a wind turbine or a geothermal  heating system. Ontario, NY-based SED, Inc., will soon start design work on the wind turbine the school plans to build that would provide electricity to the building.