HVAC & Refrigeration

Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School


The Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program prepare graduates to enter the vast and continuously expanding field of environmental comfort control. Establishing an environment for personal comfort, and controlling and modifying the environment, whether it be heating, cooling, humidifying, or dehumidifying are some of the employment opportunities for qualified technicians. Students of the program study the theory of air conditioning, ventilating, and heating, electrical circuits, components, controls, accessories, servicing, troubleshooting, and installation of environmental control units.

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  • Institution Name: Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School
  • Address: 250 Foundry Street, South Easton, MA 02375
  • Website: https://www.sersd.org/


  • Name: Leslie Weckesser
  • Title: Vocational Department
  • Email: lweckesser@sersd.org
  • Phone: 508-230-1200