High R-Value Walls Workshop

Center for EcoTechnology


This one-day workshop will enable participants to design and build durable and effective high R-value walls and to explain these walls to customers, code officials, and others. High R-value walls are an important strategy for meeting the energy efficiency requirements of zero energy homes, deep energy retrofits, Passive Houses, and stretch energy code-compliant homes.

Topics covered within this training include:

  • Definition of high R-value walls
  • Thermal bridging, heat loss, and materials
  • Overview of a high R-value wall options
  • Benefits and costs of building high R-value walls
  • Construction details for rigid exterior foam walls
  • Construction details for double stud walls
  • Moisture management in high R-value walls

Workshop includes handouts, lunch, and 1 day of classroom instruction with high R-value mock-ups. Continuing education hours include 5.5 hours for Massachusetts CSL, 5.5 hours for AIA, and 5.5 hours for BPI.