Heating Professional

Cape and Islands Self-Reliance Corporation


This training program is for those who have successfully completed the BPI Building Analyst course and field-testing. The training offers 21 contact hours over three days – two days are in the classroom and one day in the field.

This training uses a “whole house” performance-based approach, which includes both classroom sessions and field experience, and will cover advanced heating system diagnostic, evaluation and repair skills. This training will help you prepare for the Building Performance Institute’s Heating Professional written and field exams. Training will include review of some Building Analyst topics, but will focus more toward the HVAC system side.

This training covers the fundamentals elements of a HVAC system in relation to the basics of combustion and proper equipment set up, venting and drafting of different types of appliances, oil fired space heating set up for optimum efficiency, pressure diagnostics as it relate to the HVAC system and the impact it has on the home, along with all the industry standard design requirements needed for a optimum working HVAC system in regards to heat loads, duct design, and minimum airflow requirements. See provider’s website for a list of training topics covered.

This training program is geared towards HVAC contractors and general contractors with a strong interest in learning about the latest techniques in building system analysis, that includes HVAC ducting and other building science diagnostic principles.

A previous BPI Building Analyst course or equivalent is strongly recommended for Heating Professional candidates.