Green Engineering Concentration in Electrical Engineering

Western New England University


The Green Energy Concentration will provide Electrical Engineering students an understanding of energy issues critical to our environment in addition to a solid background in Electrical Engineering. The Green Concentration offers electives such as power generation and distribution, energy management, and alternative energy sources. Focus is also provided on integrating renewable forms of energy into the grid. The Green Concentration provides the necessary skills for a successful career in this field. The concentration includes three “green” electives that may be taken within or outside of EE major. The area topics covered by these electives are Power Electronics, Motor Control, and Energy Converter/Inverters. These electives can be selected from an approved list in consultation with the academic advisor.

The EE program has a strong laboratory component and the Green Energy Concentration is no exception. In addition to electrical power stations where students gain experience in working with AC and DC electrical machines, they also have access to a Renewable Energy laboratory, a shared resource with the ME department. That laboratory contains over a kilowatt of solar panels, a one-kilowatt conventional wind turbine, a weather station, and a geothermal heating and cooling system, all of which is fully instrumented.


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  • Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
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  • Name: Dr. Neeraj Magotra
  • Title: Chair of Electrical Engineering Department
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  • Phone: 413-782-1274