Environmental Sustainability

Babson College


The concentration is designed to appeal to students interested in environmental sustainability and social justice, including those students seeking careers within an environmental field. With this concentration, students will gain a broad understanding of and consideration for the importance of nature and the concept of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Students will gain this understanding by taking courses spanning a number of different disciplines such as ecology, economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, film, law, literature, film, philosophy, and sociology. Students working in this concentration are challenged to recognize points of integration and points of tension between the needs of the planet and all its inhabitants and ecosystems, as well as the demands of business and economic growth.


  • Institution Name: Babson College
  • Address: 231 Forest Street, Babson Park, MA 02457
  • Website: https://www.babson.edu/


  • Name: Vikki Rodgers
  • Title: EnvronmentalSustainability Coordinator / Math and Science
  • Email: vrodgers@bason.edu
  • Phone: 781-239-5274