Environmental Studies Concentration

Cape Cod Community College


Students who aim toward a four-year undergraduate program in Environmental Studies can undertake the first two years at the College. In addition to the natural science and mathematical courses, students choose from a variety of environmental electives.

Students who place into developmental math and/or English are required to begin the course sequence in the first semester. Please see an advisor with questions.

Upon completion of the Environmental Studies concentration, students are able to:

1. Communicate and discuss current issues in environmental science
2. Demonstrate the ability for further study in environmental engineering, environmental studies, natural resources management, environmental education, and environmental management


  • Institution Name: Cape Cod Community College
  • Department: Science
  • Address: 2240 Iyannough Road , West Barnstable, MA 02668
  • Website: https://www.capecod.edu/


  • Name: Pat Phelan
  • Title: Administrative Assistant, Science Department
  • Email: pphelan@capecod.edu
  • Phone: 774-330-4363