Environmental Science & Technology Program

Minuteman High School


Minuteman was the first high school in Massachusetts to develop an approved Environmental Science & Technology program, and is currently one of only a handful of high schools in Massachusetts offering such a program. Students have a unique opportunity to participate in extensive, concentrated environmental studies, and to conduct in-depth laboratory and field studies not available in traditional high school settings.

The philosophy of the Environmental Science & Technology program is to bring together students interested in the environmental field, environmental scientists and engineers, community and state officials, and other environmental organizations to investigate real-world environmental issues.

The ES&T Program follows the MA Frameworks for Environmental Science & Technology (Additional Information), and includes topics on Energy, Sustainability, and Wastewater and Drinking-Water Technology. Many students in this program obtain their MA Wastewater and/or MA Drinking-Water Treatment Plant Operator’s licenses.


  • Institution Name: Minuteman High School
  • Department: Environmental Science & Technology
  • Address: 758 Marrett Road, Lexington, MA 02421
  • Website: https://www.minuteman.org/


  • Name: Terence Regan
  • Title: Environmental Technology Instructor
  • Email: tregan@minuteman.org
  • Phone: 781-861-6500