Environmental Science Minor

Westfield State University


The minor in Environmental Science is designed to allow students who are interested in environmental science to tailor the minor to meet their interests, career goals, and future plans. The minor requires a total of 18 hours of coursework. This includes ENVS 0101 or BIOL 0102, one course out of each of the three dimensions (Natural, Human, and Methods/Technology as defined in the Environmental Science, B.S.major) and additional courses selected by the advisement from the required and elective Environmental Science coursework to meet the 18 credit hour requirement. Biology and Regional Planning majors may not minor in Environmental Science.

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  • Institution Name: Westfield State University
  • Department: Environmental Science
  • Address: 577 Western Ave., Westfield, MA 01086
  • Website: https://www.westfield.ma.edu/