BA, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Boston University


The major in Earth & Environmental Sciences engages students in the study of the Earth and its habitable environments with a focus on the key natural and physical processes that shape our planet, from the geologic past to the present, and into the future. Students gain a broad foundational understanding of concepts and research techniques in the physical, life, and interdisciplinary natural sciences that inform society about the physical world and environment in which we live.

Each student, in consultation with an advisor, chooses a focus for in-depth coursework in one of three areas: Ecosystems, Earth and Climate, and Earth Observations. All levels of the curriculum emphasize analysis of data for critical evaluation of scientific arguments related to the study of Earth and environmental systems.


  • Institution Name: Boston University
  • Department: Earth and Environment
  • Address: 685 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215
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  • Name: Sayaka Yamaki
  • Title: Undergraduate Program Coordinator
  • Email:
  • Phone: 617-358-0499