Engineering: Sustainability

Olin College


E:Sust is an interdisciplinary concentration that embraces a broad definition of sustainability to prepare students for a wide range of personal and professional pathways.

Sustainability is an inherently trans-disciplinary field, drawing on engineering and science as well as social sciences, humanities, business, and the arts for various aspects of sustainability practice.
E:Sust students work closely with sustainability faculty at Olin to define individually customized programs of studies that meet Olin credit requirements. It remains the student’s responsibility to ensure that their program of study also meets the requirements for graduate programs or professional practice.

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Additional Details

Courses used by a student to meet the General Requirements may not simultaneously be used to meet the E:Sust concentration-specific requirements.

E:Sust courses may be drawn from cross-registration or study away institutions with approval by the CSTB, in consultation with sustainability faculty.

As with all Engineering programs of study, E:Sust programs of study should be consistent with the student’s educational goals and must contain sufficient depth, breadth, and coherence. All programs of study must receive approval by the ARB, in consultation with sustainability faculty.


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