Chemical Engineering: Environmental Concentration

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


The Department of Chemical Engineering at WPI has had a long and illustrious history of educating generations of chemical engineers and engaging in research and scholarship at the frontiers of academic inquiry. We are very proud of the exceptional accomplishments of our 2,200 strong alumni, many of whom occupy key positions in industry. We are also proud of the numerous research contributions that our faculty and students have made over the decades in advancing chemical technology.

Students may choose a chemical engineering concentration in biochemical, biomedical, environmental, or materials. Students may also choose to participate in one or more projects abroad, as many WPI students do, or do research in labs alongside of graduate students. Graduates are well-placed and chemical engineers typically command the highest starting salary.

The Department of Chemical Engineering at WPI offers a unique program of extraordinary quality that blends flexibility, depth, breadth, and hands-on-experience to prepare you for a variety of educational and professional challenges.

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The degree offered at the undergraduate level in the Chemical Engineering Department at WPI is the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemical Engineering. Students may choose to focus their studies by obtaining a Concentration in one of the following areas within chemical engineering: biochemical, biomedical, environmental, and materials. While co-op opportunities are available, they do not count for academic credit. In addition, students may pursue a Minor in another disciplinary area. The normal length of program is 4 years, or 16 terms. Outstanding undergraduate students at WPI who wish to continue their studies toward a Master's Degree at WPI can join the combined B.S.-M.S. Program. For more information about the program, please visit the program link.


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