Chemical Engineering, Master’s Concentration: Environmental Engineering and Energy Research

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


The graduate program in the Department of Chemical Engineering at WPI is of extraordinary quality and is designed to balance depth and breadth. The department has 30 full-time graduate students, two-thirds of whom are pursuing their Ph.D., and a large number of full-time research faculty and staff. The focus of the graduate program is on cutting-edge research (depth) to help you prepare for rewarding careers in industry or in academia. Course-work is taken in support of the thesis research and to ensure breadth of exposure. The graduate students work one-on-one with top-notch faculty in state-of-the-art laboratories. Students have a wide choice of funded research projects, ranging from nanostructured materials, bioseparations, cellular adhesion, bioremediation, zeolite science, environmental catalysis, process control, computational fluid dynamics, hydrogen energy, to fuel cells.

The degrees offered at the graduate level in the Chemical Engineering are the M.S. (thesis option), M.S. (non-thesis option), and the Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. The basic requirement for admission to all of these degrees programs is a B.S. in chemical engineering or equivalent. Outstanding undergraduate students at WPI who wish to continue their studies toward a Master’s Degree at WPI can join the combined B.S.-M.S. Program. For further details and degree requirements, please visit the program link below.


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