Certified Passive House Builder (CPHB) Training

Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)


Superinsulation, airtight envelopes, high-performance window installation, site management, component sourcing—passive house construction presents special challenges to builders. The PHIUS CPHB training program prepares construction professionals to meet the passive house challenge.

Instructors bring a wealth of knowledge having built dozens of successful passive house projects. Topics range from design theory and climate-specific detailing to materials, techniques, project management, and quality assurance.

The course offers real-world insights into on-site implementation as well as counseling and advice on both the practical and business concerns specific to passive house. The material covers not only craftsmanship, but also risks and liability to the passive house contractor and guidance in both problem-solving and (more importantly) problem avoidance.

This training is offered in two phases, for a total of approx 32 hours of instruction:

  • Phase I: An 8-hour online prep course completed prior to the Phase II training
  • Phase II: Live instruction for 8 days, online delivery, 3 hours per day over two weeks

Please see program link below for additional details, schedule, and registration.

Program Link: https://www.phius.org/certifications/professionals/phius-certified-builder-cphb

Additional Details

This program is offered in partnership with Mass Save. Training participants may be eligible for partial reimbursement for training fees from the Mass Save project. For details and application form, see program link.


  • Institution Name: Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)
  • Address: 53 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 1462, Chicago, IL 60604
  • Website: https://www.phius.org