Building Operator Training (Level 2: Equipment Troubleshooting and Maintenance)

Roxbury Community College


Building Operator Certification® (BOC) is the leading training and certification program for building engineers and maintenance personnel. Enhanced BOC Level II coursework prepares building operators to evaluate the operational performance of their buildings with a focus on improving energy efficiency. Operators learn how to collect and analyze building data in order to prepare a building walk-through plan to identify opportunities to improve performance. Optimizing HVAC control systems for energy efficiency is highlighted with an emphasis on equipment sequence of operation and functional testing. Students apply the data collection and analysis steps to their own building through a 5-part set of project assignments completed between class sessions.

The course culminates with a Project Peer Exchange day, where students will make short presentations to classmates and the instructor on a scoping report for their building. Specific building information is REQUIRED in order to complete project assignments.

All classes for this program will be offered through online instruction.

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  • Institution Name: Roxbury Community College
  • Department: Center for Smart Building Technology
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  • Name: Frank Mruk
  • Title: Executive Director
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  • Phone: 857-701-1564