Environmental Engineering

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


WPI’s new interdisciplinary Environmental Engineering (EVE) program offers students an exciting opportunity to focus their technical capabilities on evolving science that affects human quality of life all over the world—and can simultaneously help preserve and restore areas in which they work. Emerging issues challenge environmental engineers in public health, conservation and restoration of natural systems, water and wastewater treatment, pollution prevention, and more. Students in this program gain the professional skills to manage these complex issues and help their planet.

With topics for research ranging from power storage to water quality preservation, and opportunities to work in outdoor settings and communities as well as in laboratories, both graduate and undergraduate students can grow within this vital and burgeoning field. Following the WPI educational model of theory and practice, student projects provide unique, hands-on opportunities to explore the multifaceted considerations surrounding environmental engineering problems on local and global levels, and to improve living conditions in the subject areas. WPI offers a unique depth in this specialization, with educational options that supply the comprehensive understanding this swiftly transforming field demands.


  • Institution Name: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Address: 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609
  • Website: http://www.wpi.edu