Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency Certificate

Greenfield Community College


The Certificate in Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency is designed to be completed in one year if a student is attending full time, (14 credits of classes per semester.) This is a good option for students who already have a college degree. It may also be a choice for those already employed in the construction sector who may not want to complete an associates degree but would like to acquire knowledge and skills in renewable energy/energy efficiency technologies, as well as a broader understanding of the scientific, economic and political context of the industry. It can help anyone explore career options in Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency. Students in the certificate program can move into the Associates Degree track at any time.
The RE/EE program offers a wide range of courses that will give you the knowledge and skills needed for entry level employment opportunities in the growing RE/EE field. If you are already employed in the trades, you’ll learn new skills in your specialty, such as retrofitting for building contractors or photovoltaics for electricians. If you plan to pursue a higher degree, such as architecture or landscape design, for example, these courses will prepare you well for transferring to a larger institution. Interested home or business owners can learn more about do-it-yourself opportunities.

The RE/EE program has been designed to address the needs of a variety of people and the diversity of students taking the courses creates a dynamic learning environment offering many opportunities for networking.

Students need not be enrolled in a degree or certificate program at GCC to participate in our RE/EE classes, although registration opens first to current students.


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