BPI Building Analyst / Building Envelope Professional Combo

Kaplan Clean Tech Education


Kaplan Clean Tech Education’s BPI Building Analyst / Envelope Professional Combo course aligns with the professional standards set forth by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). This combination course will provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and certification preparation needed to excel in the home energy performance industry.

Kaplan Clean Tech’s intensive BA/EP Combo Course combines our BPI Building Analyst training and Envelope Professional training into a concise program.

Course Objectives:

  • Have an understanding of the various types of systems within a home, their components and functions, and how they interoperate.
  • Know the process of completing a BPI energy audit to Building Analyst Standards and be able to communicate this to customers.
  • Be able to conduct safety and performance tests to assess system condition, identify savings opportunities, and prepare a workscope with meaningful, cost-effective retrofit solutions.
  • Understand the installation process of ALL suggested and installed workscope measures and inspect for accuracy.
  • Pass the BPI Building Analyst and Envelope written and field exams.

For additional details, please see link below.

Program Link: https://www.kaplancleantech.com/bpi/bpi-ba-ep-combo-course

Additional Details

Kaplan Clean Tech offers courses in Boston and other MA locations. Refer to the training provider's website or call for specific location of training.