Solar Energy Training Certificate Program

Roxbury Community College


This certificate program includes two courses, Electricity for Renewable Energy Technicians, and Fundamentals of Solar Energy and PV Installation.

1) Electricity for Renewable Energy Technicians
This course reviews the basic theory of electricity including AC/DC power, series and parallel circuitry applications and measurements within typical renewable energy systems. Students are also introduced to solar electrical components, including PV, inverters, controller, and different types of energy storage systems. This course is also designed to introduce students to the National Electric Code and to basic renewable energy systems – how they function and work. Electricians as well as other trade professionals seeking to be acquainted with the electrical circuitry as it applies to renewable energy are welcome.

2) Fundamentals of Solar Energy and PV Installation
This hands-on training introduces students to solar energy applications and to the basics of PV system installation. Students are acquainted with issues of safety procedures, client solar energy need assessment, and PV system design. This course offers program participants a unique opportunity to fully apply the theory and skills learned in the Basic Electricity for Renewable Energy course, such as wiring size and electrical circuitry, as well as energy storage, inverter, controller installation and operation.


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    Roxbury Community College also offers a number of continuing education courses in clean energy. See website for more information.


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