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Ecological Economics Certificate

University of Vermont
Burlington, VT

Ecological economics is a transdisciplinary field of study that broadly examines the relationships between ecological and economic systems. It differs from both conventional economics and ecology by emphasizing environment-economy interactions.

Ecological economics is based on the assumption that the economy is a subsystem of a larger ecological life support system. Understanding this relationship is central to meeting humanity’s current environmental challenges, as well as building a sustainable future. Ecological economists strive for an ecologically sustainable, socially equitable, and economically efficient future. [Read More]

Natural Building Certificate

Yestermorrow Design Build School
Waitsfield, VT

Yestermorrow’s six-week Natural Building Certificate is a unique course of study providing hands-on exploration of earthen and natural elements and the means by which they can be used to create structures and shelter. From the design and planning stages through the finishing touches, students will gain comfort and experience working with straw, wood, clay, sand, stone, water, and lime as they design, erect, shape, sculpt, and detail the walls, roofs, and floors that enclose healthy, comfortable, and low-impact living spaces. [Read More]

Certificate in Sustainable Building and Design

Yestermorrow Design Build School
Waitsfield, VT

Our Certificate in Sustainable Building & Design provides students with a solid grounding in sustainable design principles, along with hands-on experience in the design/build process. Ranging from community-scale planning to the details of photovoltaic installation, the Certificate covers a broad spectrum of topics from small to large scale. Balancing theory with hands-on practice, students have the opportunity to explore alternative, innovative, and experimental design and building methodologies and materials. The certificate program is designed for those wishing to learn the art of design/build while developing a strong understanding of the concepts and methods of green design. [Read More]

Building Trades

Southwest Vermont Career Development Center
Bennington, VT

This two-year program is designed to teach students the basic skills necessary to enter the construction field. The program teaches both carpentry and electrical skills. In carpentry, the student will learn blueprint reading and sketching, construction safety procedures, hand and power tool operation, foundations, sub-flooring, framing, roofs, stairs and basic house construction and codes. In electrical, the student will learn cable and device installation procedures, service entrance, light switching, branch circuits, special purpose branch circuits and electrical code. Residential supply and waste plumbing and HVAC systems are also introduced. Over the two-year program, students gain experience and practice through the construction of a marketable house with an emphasis on energy efficiency and ‘green’ building. [Read More]

HVAC Technician (Online Program)

Vermont Technical College
Williston, VT

Vermont Technical College, in partnership with ed2go (formerly Gatlin Education Services), offers and online open enrollment program designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire a professional level position as an HVAC Technician. [Read More]

Weatherization Installer Certification

Vermont Technical College
Williston, VT

The Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity, the Technology Extension Division at Vermont Tech, and the Center for Sustainable Practices at Vermont Tech have launched several distinct weatherization certificate trainings aimed at improving and enhancing Vermont’s weatherization workforce. [Read More]

Renewable Energy and EcoDesign (REED)

Green Mountain College
Poultney, VT

A new generation of researchers, architects, engineers and builders is looking at the built environment in a whole new way. Excessive energy use and resource consumption are prompting these pioneers to reexamine how we design, renovate and build our homes and workplaces. If you are looking for opportunities in the emerging green economy, renewable energy and ecological design present exciting new playing fields. Green Mountain College’s new Renewable Energy and EcoDesign certification will help open doors.In the fall of 2009, Green Mountain College introduced the Renewable Energy and EcoDesign (REED) certificate, an undergraduate program designed to help students explore the renewable energy and green building fields. It reflects the same characteristics as GMC’s award-winning Environmental Liberal Arts curriculum: the program is field-based and interdisciplinary. [Read More]

Sustainable Design and Energy

Green Mountain College
Poultney, VT

By combining their experiences in the classroom and through hands-on renewable energy and sustainable design projects, students in this concentration will integrate innovative design and fabrication skills and knowledge with an interdisciplinary, liberal arts perspective to prepare them for further studies and/or careers in sustainable design and renewable energy. [Read More]

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Wind Power Systems

UMass Amherst - Wind Energy Center
Amherst, MA

The Graduate Certificate in Wind Power Engineering offers graduate students the opportunity to have their work and interest in wind energy formally acknowledged as an important part of their graduate training, providing certification of relevant knowledge for those seeking academic positions and careers in industry. Certificate students benefit from advanced study in a growing field, mentored by internationally renowned, award-winning faculty experts at the preeminent academic wind energy program in the U.S. The program of study is designed to meet the needs of student who are interested in either pursuing further academic studies in wind power or joining the burgeoning wind power industry. This certificate program responds to these professional currents, providing a clear but flexible curriculum for graduate students interested in wind energy, and preparing them with in depth skills and knowledge of all aspects of wind energy. [Read More]

Undergraduate Certificate in Clean Energy and Sustainability

University of Massachusetts Boston
Boston, MA

The new Undergraduate Certificate in Clean Energy and Sustainability (CES) will provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to play a more effective role in today’s society. Whether a UMB student or a professional seeking to make a career change, this program will help position participants at the leading edge of the clean energy transformation that will enhance the region’s competitiveness and advance the goal of sustainability. [Read More]